1r i 2n - Christmas is coming!

Christmas has come to our classes!

Firstly, they have had an Advent Calendar (you can see it clicking here). Every day, one student opened one little box with a surprise in it. 

1st Primary

2nd Primary

After that, they played pictionary related to the new words.

1st Primary

 Also, the monthly tongue twisters have been Christmas-y too: 
  • Seven santas sing silly songs. 
  • Eleven elves lick eleven little lollipops. 
It's been a big challenge. But... There's even more! 

During this last week, students of 1st grade have learnt the lyrics to Jingle Bells, and also danced to some Christmas songs. 

Students of 2nd grade also sang Jingle Bells and enjoyed one afternoon playing Christmas table games. 

Christmas bingo 

Christmas bingo 

Christmas dobble

Christmas memory

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